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Meet the Face Behind the Brand

During her 15 years at Lycée Français de New York, an international French school, Lysbeth Ricketts discovered her passion in exploring different cultures. From a very young age, Lysbeth has been traveling the world, whether it be for social, educational, professional or ministerial purposes. Meanwhile, Lysbeth's ultimate goal was to be an international corporate lawyer. God, however had a different path for her. As He redirected her to be aligned with HIS WILL, Lysbeth went on to obtain her Master's in Business Administration and her Master's in International Management in Barcelona, Spain. Upon completing both programs, she flew back to the United States working as an International Business Consultant with Melissa & Doug, one of the top educational children manufacturers in the world. There, she climbed up the ladder to becoming a top consultant while having clients all over the globe.

After a few years, God instructed her to close the door to that chapter. Eventually, Lysbeth left her post in

order to focus on her new family and to open a few businesses of her own. Lysbeth, along with her husband's businesses took off. She traveled to all 4 corners of the world with her family and worked to build schools, consulted teachers and school management teams, worked hands on with the children and successfully brought many establishments to their desired level.

Lysbeth actively teaches, and continues to teach many languages, including english to ESL students. Despite her immersion in the corporate world, she had always been a teacher at heart. She has been homeschooling her children for almost 5 years, during which she realized, there is a need. Mothers and fathers are struggling with having the responsibility to balance life and prioritizing their children's education. She created this masterpiece to enable families to achieve this goal. With her ample experience and her expertise, she hopes to help change the lives of parents today while enriching their children's minds.



Ever since I was a little girl, traveling the world wasn't just simply to make note that I have been here and there. It wasn't to simply visit well known monuments and locations. There is just something about spending time with locals and learning what they love and observing how they live, that creates chills inside of me. Traveling comes with life lessons that are almost impossible to learn in a metropolitan city like New York, where everybody lives to impress, compete, keep up and outshine. For me, there's nothing comparable to hearing different tongues, eating different foods (notably fruits), worshiping with foreign people. I live to dissect people's cultures while comparing and contrasting theirs to mine. I find the littlest things so the way this little boy and I had a full conversation without one word being expressed in English. It just brings me joy and peace. If there was one piece of advice I would give to our generation and those behind us, it would be: travel not to solely see the well known, but travel to connect with the unknown.

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